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Omotepe, Nicaragua

Omotepe is an island, in the middle of a lake, in the middle of an isthmus, between two oceans.  Or maybe it just seems that way to me.  You have to take a ferry across Lake Nicaragua to get there, although construction is underway for an airport.

The island feels like a different world, certainly compared to Granada or Managua.  There are fresh-water sharks in the lake, and monkeys and birds all over the island.  There are volcanos as well.  To make things even more unique there are fascinating petroglyphs around the island, including a collection in the yard near the church, and a hillside museum and hiking trails that every taxi driver offers as a tour destination.

There are great places to eat and stay in Omotepe.   There is the Charco Verde, a hotel, restaurant, and beach close to the port where the ferry comes in.  The Charco Verde is also a local feature, a green pool located nearby in the mangrove forest.  It makes a great place to visit and explore.  The Hotel Villa Paraiso is also cool, with its own restaurant and beach.  It is a little farther down the road.




omotepevolcanoThe beach at Villa Paraiso, with the Volcano in the backgroud.  An amazing place to spend a night or two.







Ojo de Agua is a small spring that has been turned into a balneario or a swimming pool.  It has beautiful clear water in a lush jungle setting.  It usually has lively groups of tourists and locals.  There is food available, so this makes a great place to spend the whole day, or just to stop for dinner.  When you swim in the pool, you are in the Ojo de Agua, on an island, in a lake, in an isthmus, between two oceans.  It can get pretty heavy on the existentialism so it is good that they serve Toña at the little dinner shack.