Tapachula, Mexico

A great starting point for a trip through Central America, Tapachula is, to me, a bus and airport kind of city.  It is where Mexico ends and Guatemala starts, and there are lots of transportation hubs.  This is a great stop on a bus ride from Mexico City, and there are connections to Guatemala City, San Salvador and points south.  You can catch your first leg of a Tica bus here, which might take you all the way to Panama.

The town is a busy little place, and they have a Holiday Inn, which is my choice, since I can book it with my membership.  Hotel staff are very friendly, and if you don’t believe me, you can read what they say about Tapachula in general on TripAdvisor.  I was amazed that there were such positive reviews for many places to stay, considering the fact that this is not exactly Acapulco or some other tourist destination.

I can spend at least one night, banking for a border crossing, eating and drinking in a bustling metropolis before a long bus ride.  Sitting with other travelers in the hotels, and making plans for the next destination.

There is also an airport in Tapachula, which comes in handy if you decide that you are tired of roughing it out on the highway, and you would rather just fly this leg of the journey.  There are AeroMexico flights to Mexico City, Guatemala City, and connections to other places like Cancun and Roatan.  Never a dull moment in Tapachula.