Comayagua, Honduras

Semana Santa is the best time to visit Comayagua, to see the sawdust carpets.




Comayagua is a good historical destination.  The main plaza has great colonial architecture, including the city hall and the Cathedral.  Inside the Cathedral is a very old clock, sometimes considered the oldest working clock in the Americas.  It was confiscated by the Spanish Government from Alambra and sent to the Noble at Comayagua in 1537.  Pretty old!

During Easter Week, on Good Friday there are parades and carpets.  You can find these types of processions in many Honduran cities during Easter Week (including Copan and Tegucigalpa), but Comayagua is one of the biggest displays of carpets.

There are several nice hotels in Comayagua, typical of a bustling small city, including the Santa Maria de Comayagua and the Hotel Antigua.  You can find info about hotels on Facebook  or in Spanish at Ven a Comayagua.

For a great traditional Honduran meal, go out to the Atoleras on the Highway.  There are several places that make famous Honduran traditional foods, such as atol (a beverage of thick corn starches with spice), tamales (meat and veggies stuffed into a cornmeal wrap and boiled or steamed) and tamalitos (sweet young corn tamales, usually without any stuffing, and with white crema).  It is all very delicious and local.  The atoleras don’t seem to have any websites up, so you will have to ask a taxi driver.